The company was founded in 1975 under the name Skeie Mek

Our Services and Products


Trash rack cleaning machines


Trash racks

Other mechanical products and steel structures for the hydropower industry

Offshore products

  • Pipehandling Cranes
  • Bridge crane og gantry crane
  • Hydraulic winscher
  • Torque Wrench for DDM
  • Travelling Block. (Løpeblokker)
  • Dolly (Ledevogn.) for DDM og Travelling Block
  • Hydraulisk cathead
  • Power slips
  • Catwalk machine/matebord
  • Gripper head

and more 

Land-based products

  • Steel structures for industrial halls
  • New construction / repairs / maintenance and modification of equipment for industrial equipment
  • Supplementary / modifies vehicles
  • Work Platforms
  • Launcher for research rockets (Andøya)

Windpower products

Rock adapter is a mountain anchor base which is bonded with tension rod in the ground. Windmill tower then mounted directly on the rock adapter.

Rock adapter is a collaborative project between Eiken Mek and Wind Technique AS.

Marine products

  • A-frames for cable laying ships
  • Linear winches for cable laying ships
  • Ship cranes
  • Davits
  • Winches