Local presence and global markets go hand in hand

Energos Equipment currently has around 40 employees, and member of Energos Group.

Energos Equipment’s long tradition of good manufacturing solutions continues today at our main facilities in Hægebostad municipality in the northern part of Lister region.

Metal and welding services

Our modern sheet metal and welding shop performs advanced operations for welding of all types of steel – carbon, stainless, acid-proof – and aluminum.Besides performing department all within torch cutting metal kutting, rolling and pressing. Metal work and welding are subjects that place high demands on quality, tolerance and finish.


Our machine shop currently has a modern, efficient fleet and a lot of the latest technology.  This gives us the capacity to perform all within rotary work, milling, grinding, drilling, and broaching. We manufacture and assemble complete solutions based on customer’s own drawings. In addition also performed maintenance, overhaul and repair of various types of equipment.
Surface treatment

In our modern workshop for surface treatment, we have all the necessary equipment for sandblasting, metallization and painting of our products. Good ventilation and heating not only provides a better environment for our employees, but also optimal conditions for the work performed.

In assembly hall collated all products both hydraulic and mechanical. The department has particular expertise in hydraulic systems – where not only are strict requirements for quality and safety, but also purity, durability and functionality.

Products from Eiken Mekaniske Verksted is known for its high quality. An important reason for this is that we always work closely with customers all the way – and that this cooperation will result in a Factory Accepted Test (FAT). It runs pressure testing, flushing and test drive of a separate hydraulic test heads and faucets tested on its own foundation with different reference torque. In addition, tested the purity of systems with separate particle counter, before the product is finalized.

About us

A combination of the industry’s perhaps best qualified professionals and most modern machinery we have what it takes to maintain high quality throughout the production line.
Eiken Mechanical Workshop consists of four modern production units, with a total area of 4,000 square meters.

We perform everything within:
• Structural design, manufacture, metal work and welding
• Machining, advanced rotary -and milling tasks with a state of the art machine park
• Installation and electrical, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies
• Surface treatment, sandblasting, special paint and industrial paint
• Testing equipment, hydraulics, mechatronics and electronics


Products from Energos Equipment is known for its high quality. An important reason for this is that we always work closely with the customer throughout.

Reference projects NOV / MH:

  • Catwalk Machines
  • Travelling Blocks
  • Bridge Cranes
  • Iron Roughneck
  • Hydra Tongs
  • Pipe Handling Arms
  • Hydra Rackers
  • Finger Boards
  • BOP Equipment
  • Pipe Handling Cranes


The company has since 1993 been certified acc. ISO 9001: 2015